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My name is Dianah Lake M.D. and I am passionate about helping you get your life back! There is nothing wrong with desiring balance back in your body. There is still hope to relieve symptoms and regain quality of life. Contact me for a safe and convenient telemedicine consultation and get on the path to lifelong health and wellbeing!

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I believe there is no such thing as one size fits all. I am here to help you minimize your menopause symptoms. It all begins with the first phone call. Our call will be safe and 100% confidential.

My simple 4-step process.

Free Introductory Phone Call

To chat about what is going on with you and what matters to you, as well as how I approach treating women in menopause.

Initial TeleMedical Consultation

We'll begin with a questionnaire, review of that questionnaire and lab work, order additional lab work, talk about risks and benefits, write your first prescriptions, and give you all instructions.

Follow-up Consultations

We keep consulting with you, tweaking your program until you go "I feel good." Then, we do a 24 hour urine hormone test to confirm you have optimal hormone levels. I then write prescriptions for one year.

Annual Consultations

Once a year we consult, test, and tweak.

I prescribe hormone in an organic-oil base: Why Organic Matters

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. If you are a user of topically applied hormones, you will rub more than a quart a year of the hormone base into your skin. 99% of the product in your hormone bottle is the base, and that base is nearly always a strong chemical solvent such as propylene glycol. Menopause Method hormone formulations are different. We use only 100% organic oil bases, and our products contain zero chemical solvents. The hormones you will be using will come in our organic base. The key difference to you will be the comforting knowledge that you are rubbing the world’s gentlest oils on your skin. Same hormones, superior delivery. It’s that simple.

My Services

As a certified Menopause Method Practitioner, I develop expert hormone treatment plans that result in restoration of your normal lifestyle. Hormones can help in so many ways! Not only can they reduce the symptoms of menopause, but they can protect your bones, your muscles, your arteries, your brain, and your bladder too.  My goal is to help you implement the hormone replenishment process in as elegant a way as possible. I’ll teach you how to use the right amount of each hormone, at the right time of day,  and apply them to to the right places on your body. Book your safe and convenient Menopause Relief consultation today! 

Eliminate Hot Flashes and Mood Swings

Improve Your Weight Management

Break Free From Insomnia and Fatigue

Reduce Brain Fog and Night Sweats

Improve Bone Health & Vaginal Dryness

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